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The origins of the word Reiki are Japanese translating as ReiUniversal and KiLife Force Energy. All matter is based upon an energetic vibrational construct. This applies to all parts of the physical and non-physical world. We as humans can become separate from our nature of being through our experiences of living and the perceptions that we take on. When we become imbalanced, we require a means through which to bring back balance & harmony. Reiki offers this support opportunity, enabling balance in health through restoring the body’s natural healing potential.

Reiki works on all levels; Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional. I do not perceive a separation in any of these and consider them to all be combined within the person. I cannot always fathom or understand the true nature of the healing response that a person experiences. I do have a belief that the right outcome will be available to those who are determined to seek it. I have witnessed this and have many clients who can validate the positive outcomes of these treatments.

Our bodies hold residual pain and dysfunction associated with past injuries and illnesses. This residual trauma can remain long after the initial cause has ceased.

Through Reiki, old pain & dysfunctional perceptions can be remedied to allow the body to return to its natural relaxed state. In this relaxed state, the body can heal itself.

I believe that when a person is ready to gain improved health, they will make choices that will enhance their treatment outcomes. Reiki engages people to action these choices into their reality, creating the change that they need. I advocate that people come with an open mind, a willingness to heal their health and the intent to improve their lives wholesomely.



The concept of practicing Reiki requires the practitioner to engage in their own healing. As they advance in their personal healing journey, they can assist others. A Reiki Channel (practitioner) is required to constantly work on themselves, purifying the being and becoming conscious of the meaning of their life experiences and perceptions.

The concept of being a Channel is to allow for the flow of Universal Life Force Energy through the body and hands into another. This is a state of acceptance and surrender to a divine energy that is present throughout all.



A short discussion is had between the Reiki practitioner and the individual receiving treatment. Often the treatment is dedicated by the person receiving to aid an issue that they may have difficulty with in their life.

The individual receiving Reiki lies down on a massage table or sits in a chair. They are covered with a blanket to keep them warm. Relaxing music is usually played.

The practitioner will place their hands gently on various parts of the body, legs, arms or head. The practitioner will also hold their hands over sensitive areas of the person, instead of touching them. This is applicable when treatment is given to females or on broken bones etc.

A treatment will usually last for 45 minutes. A short discussion is had at the end of the treatment.

I always welcome a friend or family member to attend if an individual is uncomfortable receiving alone.



  • A deep state of relaxation.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Healing of past traumas, states of distress and injuries.
  • The ability to perceive one’s situation clearer.
  • The opportunity for change to arise in the individual’s circumstances.
  • A state of self-observation and clarity towards one’s situation.
  • A means to progress.



I provide Reiki Healing treatments by donation. I believe that this form of healing treatment can have powerful outcomes, supporting and creating wellbeing. I believe that this form of treatment is very underutilised in our world and that the ultimate result is to restore balance, harmony and peace.

I provide this service by donation to create the opportunity for people to access this form of support. This is my form of tithing, or giving back to the community. This allows for people who are not financial enough to gain access this support. It also allows for people with a reserved interest to engage with this healing opportunity or for those who may not be willing to commit to engaging in treatment that they cannot accept or validate mentally.

To find out more about how my massage treatment therapy could benefit you and your body, give me a call or send me a message. I look forward to working with you.


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